Month Till 1,900 Miles Apart.

On Monday I have a month till my boyfriend leaves for California. Right now we are only an hour and half away from eachother (99 miles). He is in the United States Air Force. We were engaged but decided to slow things down and take a break for 2 weeks then realized how much we really loved eachother.

My bf is everything to me. I am not sure how to handle him leaving. He got into some trouble during our break and isn't sure if he is going to be able to get any leave at all before he leaves for California. It is really hitting me hard that he is leaving soon. I know a month is alot of time to see eachother but we can only see eachother for 1 day a weekend since he got into some trouble.

Just hitting me really hard!!
usafgirl33 usafgirl33
22-25, F
Aug 13, 2010