Together At Last

I met my love last December when visiting my little sister in San diego. From the moment we met he automatically started hitting on me lol, on chrismas was our first kiss. We had an amazing winter break together it seemed almost magical. Only I had to go back to Mexico where I was in college for 2 more years. We said our goodbyes not promising anything. The entire time I was there we talked every single day, almost all day sometimes. Even when he confessed being with another woman I was heartbroken but understood that we weren't anything, I lived so far away and he was Horney lol. I was thankful that he was honest and thought it was brave of him admitting it even though he knew I would not like it. But as much as I tried I couldn't help but be in his shoes and not know when he would see me again and all anger would float away And turn into dispair. Soon I realized I wasn't going to be able to do this to myself much longer and made arrangmentes to transfer back to California. I still had 5 months of school left so I had to pretty much suck it in and at least make the best of it. We talked every single day and had the funniest, interesting conversations. My disire to be with him grew so intense at one point I had to cry. He became my best friend. We did everything possible to stay positive and loyal. Web sex was a must by now lol. Now that I'm with him I know it was all worth it. All the tears, the longing, the disire and hope that it would all work out was totally worth it. I never would have gone through with it if I knew there was no hope to be together again. But knowing that that was what made our relationship so tight now makes me o ly be grateful for the time that we had apart. Now we understand eachother so well and are used to comunicating so much that it makes it almost dificicult to fight. Discuss, yes of course but we never hold back our thoughts to eachother just because in a long distance relationship that is he only thing you have, communication. Every second that I am with him I can't help be incredibly happy because I know thAt we are finally together. And loving him comes so so easy :) so keep your hopes up, there Are happy endings, they do exist.
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1 Response Sep 17, 2010

Oh, I'm so happy for you!! :) Really, congratulations!! :) I'm happy you made it :) <br />
And yes, you are right, while being long distant communication is pretty much the only thing you can do, so you get to know the other person really well, and indeed, getting in a fight is something so difficult to do :)) but that's great, m? :) <br />
Sigh, I'm really very happy for you two :) Good luck, enjoy each other, treasure your love :) And thank you for posting your story here! :)