Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Ibelieve in long-distance relationships. A long-distance relationship is a relationship full of sincerity, attachment and faithfulness but is without an everyday companion. In my long-distance relationship, I’m physically far away from my boyfriend but my heart is always close to his.
Maybe a 19-year-old girl is too young to know what true love is, but I can tell people my true feeling about my relationship—a long-distance relationship. My boyfriend and I knew each other in senior high school, and fell in love in college. Unfortunately, we don’t live in the same city—I’m in Nanjing; he’s in Amoy. At first, many of my friends said they couldn’t see my chance in this competition against distance, since I cannot see or speak to him very often. It’s said that lovers can hardly keep their feelings for one another if they can’t keep in touch daily. However, the passion and love have never faded since the very moment I fell in love with him.
When I was asked this summer about how I kept this love, I said to my friends, “Distance doesn't matter if I really care for the person. If I believe him to be the partner I want to spend the rest of my life with, I’ll find it’s not that hard to hold on to my feelings. The chances are pretty high that girls in relationships depend a lot on their boyfriends, which will definitely make the boys be overwhelmed by their love and then feel exhausted. Fortunately,I’m in a long-distance relationship, which provides me more individual time and space. I can enjoy the happiness brought by the relationship and at the same timehave a life for myself. This allows me continually to grow and allows him to see a girl who can bring more qualities to the relationship. ”
It makes me smile when I recall these words now. I am not afraid to be in a long-distance relationship because I know the one I’m waiting for is one who loves me and is waiting for me too. I will enjoy the moments of waiting, and I believe the sacrifice will be worth it.
It is said that relationships today have become fast faced in this fast-food society. Two people are together just because they need someone physically. However, I believe that true love is never far away from me, ever. I believe that true love lies in long-distance relationships. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. With a fonder heart, I’ll make every effort to bring myself closer to him. When I’ve overcome all the hardships, I will accompany him forever.    
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That is great ..... Its like my relationship now .... i love this :D

As a younger man in the University, some of my favorite experiences were girls that I met in school and these younger ladies have grown and mature with families. I do think all of us, and even now, would say that all of life's experiences help shape and grow us. Certainly some of those events were spontaneous and lustful and others involved a form of love.... most of all, there was a time when the relationship was needed and now I am so appreciative for them and their influence upon my life...<br />
<br />

ye, all of life's experiences help shape us.

Tender is the night, lying by your side.

I'm glad to hear this.

It's been half a year, and we still together. love makes ppl strong.

Such positive words and so true! :) Love will come to you if you wait and be patient :)

thank you.

Thank you for sharing your story. Your words sound so adult and strong. I wish I could be like you, secure, strong and happy, even if my boyfriend is not around. That makes me see that I have a long journey before me, so I can enjoy my life being apart from my boyfriend, not to depend on him so much, develop myself for me, for him, for us.

Ur strong too. i love ur last word. relationship is concerned about one unity instead of two ppl.

You captured the essence of all that is good in a long distance relationship beautifully. At times the challenges can be a bit disheartening but knowing that someone that you can't reach out and touch daily is waiting just for you because of love is one of the best feelings in this world.

totally. it is so good to know that there's one person thinking about every day even though he is far from me.

To uliftmeup:<br />
thx for ur comment hon. Man from Mars and Women from Venus is also very popular in china, i havent read it yet,though. im planning to read to now.lol

Aww i love your story ^^, It's true about girls like to depend sometimes too much ^^ hehe not talking about others rather talking about myself ^^, but i am learning to be happy also when i am alone, though insecurity sometimes creep in, but i love him and trust him... Recently I read again that book Man from Mars and Women from Venus.. and read something that kinda made me relieved... That insecurity is women's problem in general no matter how loving and caring the boyfriend is.. All is needed is, understanding from each other about the different natures of men and women, and how to bridge those differences... Patience, trust and real communication are the keys ^^,

how far is too far?