Long Distance And Its Breaking My Heart

I met my boyfriend at a party. We talked for hours and after that night, we've been inseparable. I never thought I could feel something like this, we belong together. He says it too - that what we have is unique. It's scary at times, because everything is so perfect between us. I never believed in that "meant to be-crap", but now I do. He's the one. Really. I never used to believe in "meeting Mr.Right" - but he's my mr. Right. We love each other so much. 4 days ago, he moved to the U.S (I live in England) to study at collage for a years time and I miss him and long for him every day. He almost didn't move there because he wanted to be with me, but it's been his dream since he was 11 so I had to let him go. I really do miss him. But I'm trying to be strong, for both of us. I trust him with all my heart. But it's still, very hard. In a couple of weeks I'll move to Spain as well, for studies just like my boyfriend. Hopefully time will fly by. I keep telling myself that being apart for 10 months is nothing when you're gonna spend the rest of your life together. And if its meant to be, we'll get through this. But it's breaking my heart thinking about him, knowing that I cant go home to him and cuddle and kiss. Any tips on how to get through this? Someone in similar situation? xx
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2 Responses Aug 14, 2011

i never meet him yet. but yet we love eachother so much.<br />
i live in indonesia and he's in america. we already be in this relationship for almost 7 months. well even now we're not in a good situation but well be fine . like you said. if you meant to be. yall will get back together :)<br />
i dont even know when ill finally meet him. your lucky :)

Its a small world. Did you try catching up over webcam/phone regularly. Keep in touch, share your feelings, day to day activities by email/letters. Distance for a while makes the true relationship stronger