Please, Come Home!

My life is a mess. I need you most at times like these. I'm stressed, full of anger, I feel worthless. I need you to hold me in your arms and tell me everything is going to be okay. Lend me your shoulder to cry on. Help me through this difficult time. My old escape doesn't seem to be there anymore. Tell me you love me and you'll never let me fall. I feel all the pressure of life on me, keeping me down. Speaking to me, telling me I'm nothing, nothing at all. Promise me you'll never let me go.. Help me believe that our dreams will come true. Help me realize that I'm more than what I think. Give me the confidence I need to believe in myself like you believe in me. I don't want to cry anymore, I don't want all the pressure, I need you, Only you! How can I ever do all this without you? Please, I'm begging you. Come home! Make my life easier. Stop my tears and lift the world off my shoulders. I Love You, I Miss You, I Need You!
HansonsGirl HansonsGirl
18-21, F
9 Responses Aug 24, 2011

Its been almsot a year since i was like this. The pain is still hurts but not as bad now. How sad the very meaning of life can lead us to so much hardships. Be strong but prepare for the best and the worse case senerio. One day these scars will stop and heal. God bless. .. and Best Wishies

me too. :(

I feel the exact gf lives in Virginia and i live in Georgia...its hard...theres been so many nights where i cryed myself to sleep cause i felt alone and stuff...but weve been together for 8 months and shes the love of my life...its hard...but worth it ♥

Same here... bf away for over a yr and its getting hard... things can only turn around and get better... staying positive always. Hope this helps. Love can be the ultimate challange.

I am from Hong Kong and my bf is in the UK ~~ I can understand your feeling coz I am crying for this reason at the moment :(

I'm sorry. These are the worse feelings ever. I wish none of us have to go through it):

iknow haw you feel i jus moved to houston i lived in mexico and left my girlfriend :( good luck girl and greetings...

I understand this also....

I understand :(