I Think I Just Learn How To Let Go.

i can accept it.
that he left me, and its all over. what we had. every hopes and dreams.
in my ldr. i still believe ldr can work. but i think its need the right person to make it work.
i still not ready to talk to him again. but someday i will.
i still wanna make sure my feeling for him.

now i know its the best way . i just still a lil curious. wanna know.
was what we had real or not? wheter he ever really love me or not. but well i dont need to know that.

when you can accept the condition. and everything . everything seems easier. im not crying anymore
i just know its happen. and everything happen for a reason. im sure He has reason why He want him to leave from my life

i still hope we would meet again in the future. but for now im just gonna let him go....
nonazakiyah nonazakiyah
22-25, F
3 Responses Sep 6, 2011

Try to remember, realize, that energy, "feelings", repeat themselves in Cycles, over & over. Want a Repeat of this with him? Understand. Use Discernment when dealing with people ... some hold Higher inner standards. Protect Your Heart; use It Wisely. Love Always Challenges Everything/One...Always. Love Is Life... All Creation Is Composed Of The Substance Of Love ... and, It Is EverWatching.

thanks :) im still not so sure tho

Well Done.