Feel Like Crying

It's been a year and half since I have been with my boyfriend and never seen him...
It's hard but always having hope and strength, I know its soon but don't know when exactly when!
because he has some problems wish made it difficult for him,, and I can't simply go there, we are in the same age his just 3 months older than me..
I always talk to him through bbm service online and once in a week call,,

really hope that our meeting is soon,,
AngelEyes232 AngelEyes232
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3 Responses Oct 10, 2011

lol yeah, i had one o those. this idiot in america said he'd come all th way to south africa so we could be together *rolls eyes* theres four months of my life i'll never get back... so what are ur plans now? you gnna stay by urself for a bit?

He made me fall for his trick that his going to be here for less than 2 years but he never came, he always bring excuses
and now yeaah, well I have a crush on someone, going slowly with that

wtf???? D:< then that bum-head didnt deserve you.

Exactly wtf!! I know hehe I am happy that I broke up with him! I feel stupid now about our ''previous'' relationship

Wow, thats a rlly long time not 2 hav met in person yet. Hope you guys make it thru :) hav you seen pix of him atleast? I remember first meeting my LDR bf :D it was magical 2 say th least. You know in romance novels how they talk abt warm feelings and electric volts under ur skin, and ur legs turning into jelly? Its so true! Best of luck 2you ^.^

We broke up! no luck
he kept ignoring me when I ask him to come, its like something hard to do, while he has nothing to do !