Over A Thousand.

Over 1,000 miles of separation. She was born raised in another country where she is right now. I was born in a different country. i wish it was 500 miles away because i would drive there every few months. The GPS says its a 17-24 hour drive. I am going there soon. Driving from Ontario to Alabama. 1,000 miles by plane. i think its 1,500 miles by road.  oh im wrong...:

I am way off. great. It is going to take me like 4 days to drive there :( $500 in gas each way. But i will. because, i love her.

She came up here by plane a few months ago and ive missed her so much. my family loves her. i love her so much. Her family use to miss me. drama happened recently that they don't understand. her and i fought and her parents / family / town hates me now. which is great because as far as im concerned it takes 2 to fight. any ways. right now she wont tell them what happened. we are not fighting right now or anymore. that was our last fight ever. we are so close right now. but im not sure if i should go down. i have been unemployed for a while. when i go i will only have $500 for gas and no more money to my name. i don't know what to do. she will leave me if i don't go down. but i cant afford it. my friends stole about 7 thousand dollars from me. i could afford it. but i helped friends now i have nothing. i miss her so much. but she wont tell anyone why we fought. so they hate me. i will have to rent a room somewhere because they hate me. i don't think i should go... :( i feel like their currency is drama down there. i hate it so much. everyone knows everyone because to me all they do is spread crap. for the record i made the fight public. she said something and i pasted it on her wall. her family read it and 800 of her friends. well she shouldn't have said it. i just copied what she said that's all. they thought it was me and hated me. they don't hate me they hate her. that is why she wont tell them. she has 2 options. dont tell anyone. and i break up with her. or. tell everyone and make them not hate me for something i never said. and continue dating. im not putting up with it anymore. she drives me insane sometimes because she enjoys kicking me when i'm down. i say this because it has happened so many times. i say that to her she denies it. i get depressed and she attacks me in the name of trying to help me. i have doctors trying to figure out me. because of the words she said to me. the anger she made me feel by dragging me around. she is so amazing any other time. but when she fights i overload. when i overload she hurts me. then i unleash it all on her. i did not last time though. i was just almost put into an institution because as it stands now i don't want to tell her my feelings anymore. i love her so much. but why does she go out of her way to hate me and make me hate.
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dont know. what is her's

There are two sides to every story though. What's hers?

I don't know, dear ... this sounds like scary territory. I've been in a relationship with someone who was willing to lie about who I was to make himself look better. That's the only reason I feel comfortable even raising an eyebrow at your situation. <br />
It sounds like (please don't take offense at what I say) ... well, it sounds like she's abusing you emotionally. I understanding still loving someone, but this sounds very one-sided.

thats horrible!

My comment is horrible or ...??

no your comment wasn't horrible**