My Long Distance Relationship

My name is Lauren and I am 15 years of age
I'm currently in a relationship with a boy the same age as me who used to live in the uk but moved to Brisbane,Australia
I've know Jake all of my life used to go to pantomimes together with our mums who are bestfriends

Jake and I got back in touch in July. 2009 we spoke most days and formed a very close friendship
Then in April of this year he cam home for a three week holiday where I met him again for the first time in 9 years
We got on so well and I really did like him after meeting him again and again we kissed and I really fell for him
I knew I had found someone special and we both wanted us to work and that's what we have done
I will be next seeing him in July 2012 which is only 7 months away. When I will be making the journey to Australia to spend one month with him. I won't lie it's try hard but I wouldn't change it for he world

Would just like to say that if you are in a long distance relationship, not to give up and if your happy then that's all that matters! People may think your mad but don't listen to them,be your own person and make the most of what you've got
Laurenxxxxx Laurenxxxxx
Dec 28, 2011