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It all started when his mom and my mom met. We were only kids then maybe 6 or 7 years old, but he said he liked me as soon as he met me. On the other hand I didn't like him at the time. He continued to like me and I continued to date guys in front of him. It wasnt until I was about to turn 16 that I started to like him to. He said that he was about to give up hope of ever having me so I started to like him just in time. We started dating the month of my birthday July 3rd 2007 around 3:20pm. I remember it and so does he :). He called and asked me out and I said yes. We dated for about a year until the long distance between us was a little too much for us and we decided to break up. He still tried talking to me and stuff but I blew him off. Even though we weren't dating he still came to my graduation in 2010 and that meant a lot to me. Shortly after I went off to college ... we ended up getting back in touch with each other and by the time my freshmen year was over I was back talking to him non stop. I just didnt want to date him because I knew I was in college now and things could happen. But over the summer we got closer and closer and started back hanging out. On May 19th of 2011 we started back dating and we were so happy together. We have been going strong every since... we've only had 3 arguments in our whole relationship. Just recently now that he is a senior in high school he has decided that he wants to join the Air Force full time !!!! As much as I don't want him to leave me I am going to support his decision. He says that he will leave the month of my birthday for basic training and will be gone for like 8 weeks and then they are going to ship him some where and it will go from there. I dont want to be without him :(. Its gonna suck not seeing him for months at a time but thats what he wants to do so I am going to be there for him through the whole thing. I just dont want to be stuck here just being the "girlfriend" back at home. I want to be the wife that he can come home to. I feel like he is going to marry me within the next 2 years though so I'm not too worried. I wouldnt mind being engaged in the next year because I will be turning 20 then. So thats my story ... comment if you like :)
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awwwww thats a beautiful story :') all that time and you guys ended up together :D sounds like it was soooo meant to be ;) it reminds me a bit of me and my bf's story ^^, altho we didn't wait nearly as long :P you can check it out if you want :D