Is This Called "Love" ?

My long distance boyfriend is from France and I am from Singapore. 7 months relationship and 6673.2 miles away from him. I am 21 and he is 33, 12 yrs different.We had a quarreled yesterday about me being outstation from Singapore to Australia for 4 weeks. He ask me how many people are going and I say 4 people and I am the only woman there. I also told him that I might not be able to see him through Skype, call, SMS or Facebook him as I will be too busy working.Then he said " You cannot be working 24 hrs a day, that is impossible." I explained to him that there may not be good communication in Australia as I will be in the Marine doing operation work. He was not happy and angry, that I am the only woman in Australia. I try to make him understand that this is for business and not for fun, but he is very possessive and he frightened me a bit with his anger tone. I know he is jealous and don't believe if any men is not going to flirt, kiss and have sex with me. He  also show me example about women and men in Paris, and the women there are worst and likes to flirt and **** around even they are in a relationship.I told him 101% nothing is going to happen but he say " I am not God, people change and somehow you will get attracted  to them." He said that after coming back for 4 weeks, tell him the truth if I betrayed him or not, so that he will break up with me peacefully and still be friends. I feel really hurt and confused to know that his action is too much for me, almost give up, I cried. Both of us loves one another but I told him openly that he have to stop this attitude and stop having this thinking if I were like the European women. I will be meeting him for the very first time in Paris on 20May12 for 2 weeks, stay in his apartment, celebrate my birthday too with him and I told him from there you we will know more about one another and we shall decide to continue this relationship or not  

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k. this guy wants you to be celibate, despite his living in THE land of love? odd. he promises up and down that he's not diddling around right?

Yes... so how :(

at your age, your story is just starting. is it going to be a comedy, or a drama?

Doomed!!!!! Can u pls be serious lol!!! This ain't drama alright ;(

I am SO serious! I don't think you and I are thinking the same thing of the word "drama". you seem well educated, consider the lives of protaganists in comedic stories vs. those of the dramatic stories.... who lives a life more worthwhile, who has more chances to smile..

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