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Im freaking out now thats the amount of miles me and my bf are gonna be as of tomorrow & he's gonna be working and plus theres the time zone difference..idk why its worrying me so much we have been long distance the whole time we been together but not on a different coast I really love him and need him so much but Im really scared now how are we gonna make it thru that many miles with him being busy....:/ how do some of you cope? without freaking out worrying that the distance is gonna kill the relationship this is the first real LDR ive had..plus he's in the military gah! help!
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I am in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend i am from England and live in England and she is from the USA living in Chicago! We have known each other for 3 years and been with each other 9 months i have been away from her for 4 months and yes it is hard! yes you want to be with them! Yes it is not fair! If you are truely in love you will make it work if you both have dreams in life that both of you share you will make it work! It is the hardest but best thing i have a ever done as she is the love of my life, my soul mate and best friend and that is very hard to find all in one person. So if you have that person you will so anything and everything to keep them. With all the stuff these days such as skype, whats app and email it is not not hard to stay in contact! YES i understand it not like being eith them in person but it is something! I am seeing her in a dhort few weeks and it is going to be just amazing!<br />
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Something we both say to each other is 'everything is something, unless it is nothing at all'<br />
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So every little thing that you think is nothing is something so keep fighting for it and never give up if it is the right person.<br />
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I have found that person and we will never give up!<br />
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Hope this helps

It's not that we have a choice... Yes i worry.. I freak out sometimes... It's hurt and missing him like crazy but what can i do? All i do is love him, trust him and pray that everything will be alright.