Is It Really Worth It?

I love my boyfriend but today I am feeling alone and hopeless & having second thoughts about LDR because what if I give and give and in the long run I hardly get anything back that ALWAYS happens to me. what if I just end up with a broken heart AGAIN. ive had my heart broken so many times I couldnt handle if HE broke it. I really believe the things he has told me and thats the difference between him and guys in the past. He's in the military so he only has so much time to give and while its been fine the time we have been together last time I talked to him he had been busy for 2 days and I hadnt talked to him and now he's on a ship and I havent talked to him since he left. I wouldnt cheat on him but the feeling of being alone is starting to get to me. I have no other connections to him other then the regular: cell # email & IMs. I dont know any of his friends and havent talked to or met any family b/c we havent been together in person yet. what if he doesnt contact me at all...ive had a guy that I was suppose to be talking to or dating long distance once a couple yrs ago he disappeared for a yr -I think its screwed my head now. The guy finally did come back around and didnt even apoligize for vanishing.

Me and my boyfriend both agreed that we wanna try and be together despite the distance
But what do I do to not let the distance get to me.
I believe in him and our relationship but at the same time its so scary to me
I cant control him or the future
people say to me...I hope he doesnt break your heart. Yeah I hope that too but I dont think he will or would. Soo many What ifs in my head today. What if this is all for nothing?? I knew he was gonna be far away from me but I really didnt know what to expect. Im feeling lonely daily now but I know to be without him would hurt me more...what if I ended up with someone that didnt work out id regret ending my LDR forever because my boyfriend is perfect in my eyes and ive wanted to be with him since I met him.ive never wanted to be with anyone so much in my life. I just hope it will be worth it,this is the hardest thing ive ever had to deal with.
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2 Responses May 4, 2012

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, just remember that love comes with pain no matter how good your relationship is otherwise life would just be perfect. When the going gets tough that is a positive signal to try even harder.

Love is love and life is about taking risks. You got this girl :) he loves you, if he didn't he wouldn't have started anything with you while he was away.

My guy hasn't said it either, though I have. I get sad too, even if it's only been 3 days since he left.

That's true, I guess I do have it easy compared to you :p. I'm just ready to hear from him.