Not Quite Yet But Scared

I am not quite yet in in a long distance relationship, but I will soon be. My girlfriend is moving to Iowa we are currently in Kansas.

I will start by telling you, I absolutely love this girl she is amazing. She takes my standard of "the perfect girl" and throws it in the dirt, she is amazing, she is beautiful, she is funny, and she has the most beautiful and exciting personality ever. I cannot emphasize how great she is, The dictionary does not contain proper enough words to for me to express this. I am in love with her.

I am very scared of the next year, it is going to be the most heart wrenching lonely year of my life thus far. She has to go back to Iowa in a couple of weeks, and I desperately wish she didn't have to. I am scared of someone making me look like a little chump and sweeping her off her feet, I am scared of her forgetting our love, and most of all I am scared of her not being here. Don't get me wrong I have faith in her and I trust her more than anyone, but I don't know what is going to happen between the time of us being away from each other and when we meet again.

We have decided that we will try to make it work and I hope it does more than anything, I would give up anything and everything for it to work. I would give up Christmas, I would give up my possessions, and I would give up any of my other dreams just to maintain the dream of staying with her. She makes my heart skip, she makes me feel good, she makes me happy, she makes me want to work harder, she makes my world a better place. I don't ever want her to love another man, I want to be her man. I want to make her happy, I want her to be healthy, I want to give her everything, I want to always be there for her.

Here is to patients , love, and happiness. I want more than anything to stay with her, and I will do anything to do so. If you read this Kathy, I Love you don't ever forget that.

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2 Responses May 4, 2012

It's okay! We will make crappy arts and crafts for each other, and I will send you strange things in the mail and tell you of my iowa adventures!

do it!

your story is great & i can definately relate to it . just a heads up, it is going to be hard at first. but the most important thing is trust, as long as you guys trust one another, everything else will fall into place. my best advice is to maintain good communication. me and my boyfriend text each other from sun up to sun down and call one another frequently. web cams come in handy too. good luck (: and by the way you describe this girl , it sounds like you have an amazing relationship. everything will be just fine

Well thank you! I certainly planned on keeping in good contact.