The Distance Is Killing Me !

Me & my boyfriend first dated two years ago in high school. since then, we've broken up and gotten back together. the only difference now is that i now live 360 miles away. we have an amazing relationship, i couldnt ask for anything or anyone better. but lately the distance has been eating me up inside. i constantly wonder when im going to see him again. ive convinced him to skype more, so that im less stressed, but i still find myself crying after looking through all of our pictures together and just wishing he was here. its crazy how love can still be so strong even with the distance in between. i just wish i had a normal relationship, one where i could wake up next to him or just drive a few miles to see him, but sigh, i guess i gotta make the best of what i got.
HisLittleRedhead HisLittleRedhead
22-25, F
May 4, 2012