In A Forced Long Distance Relationship

On August 15 2008 I went out reluctantly with one of my friends. She wanted to go to a club; and with me not being a club person I really didnt want to go but I did. And I'm so happy I did. That night I met the love of my life. I noticed him dancing and I told my friend how attractive I thought he was..and boy was he FINE lol. He was Latino and I am black. Never thought about being in an interracial relationship but I decided to give it a try. And i was/ am so happy I did. He was the best man I've ever been with..and did i mention how FINE he is. Well the following year 2009 we had a daughter. In October 2010 he had to be removed from the US due tobeing on an expired visa...boy..that was the worse day of my life..well to make a long story short...he's now in El Salvador and I'm in the US. we were forced into a long distance relationship. I visited him a few months ago and is going back at the end of this month. He wants me to move down there and i want to too but im unsure. I love him so much and this is just a messed up situation we're in...
kokowms kokowms
31-35, F
May 5, 2012