My Long Distance Relationship

I am in the perfect long distance relationship. Its amazing to not have the time you dont have demanded but the amount of love we share between eachother is great. Never told anyone but now im open about being in this relationship. I really like this guy alot and we have seen eachother. Been to eachothers country .... its amazing how great its been going but now i have a problem ... i am going away futher to anohter country to study for 3 years. The distance is greater and i am afraid that we wont be the same ...... i need some advice to calm me down?. i am definitely worried about what to do .... i wanna study but i dont want to lose himĀ 

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2 Responses May 6, 2012

that is some great advice ... and i spoke to him about it and he said he has thought about it but everytime he thinks of the time we'll have when we're together it just surpasses everything. I wish it was easy as a small amount of miles but im going to another country and the only way is if once a month either of us fly across .... but the comment was amazing ... and i wish your relationship continues to be like it is ... im happy for you!

Glad it helped! And good for you guys, I always tell that to my boyfriend because sometimes he feels like he's holding me back from being in a relationship someone who can be there for me in a way he can't. I always tell him that not being able to be together for a few more years (we have to wait until I graduate from college) is worth the lifetime we'll have after I graduate. I hope everything works out for you two!

Don't worry about it too much! My boyfriend and I went through a similar experience. We use to live a couple thousand miles apart, but it didn't seem so bad because at the time he wasn't working so we had a lot of time to webcam and talk on the phone. But then he moved because of a job and now lives over four thousand miles away. I too was worried, we both were, about what kind of an effect it would have on our relationship not being able to talk as much or see each other on cam. When he first moved it was really rough on both of us. We went from talking to each other for several hours every day to talking for less than hour, some days it wasn't even for 10 minutes because he was so busying adjusting. But it gets better!! It's been six months now since he moved and even though we don't spend the kind of time together that we use to, we have worked it out so we spend at least an 1-2 hours a day with each other. My advice would be to just make sure you both are committed to it and that it is what you both want. The amount of love my boyfriend and I have is great, and if yours is too then you will find a way through it! It just takes some adjusting and may be rocky at first, but as long as you keep up the communication and figure out what times are good for the two of you to spend together it wont be so bad. Good luck!