Love It Somewhat.

well i met this girl when i was 14 she was just a girl to me nothing more nothing less. as a teen having great sex with her would of been more fun then **** i watched lol. well we had time alone and we were kissing having young fun then when it came down to where you usally make the move on the girl i couldnt do it for some odd reason so instead of having awesome sex it felt better just to talk and hold her in my arms yeah yeah cheesy i know but the cheesier the nachos the better lol. that is how we met well some of the details oh and btw she was 11 yeah yeah shoot me. well since that day we have been close but never in the same state our communication was small within the first two years, we only talked through myspace. im slimming this down for you guys cause its a long story lol. as a couple more years passed we talked a whole lot more emotions for one another grew stronger we had ups and downs well still do, blah blah blah lets skip to the present. this day iam 19 and she is 16 we still had never had sex huge plus and i love her more than anything on this earth sadly to say i love her more than my mom and me combined. but it sucks cause we cant show that through physical actions. to be honest i really dont feel like typing so i going to end like this, 5 years strong 2 years to go, loving each other is the greatest thing i been through... oh long distance relationships rock lol bye for now.
klove692 klove692
18-21, M
May 8, 2012