My True Love Is 423 Miles Away From Me.

My girlfriend and I met online through this one site called GaiaOnline about two years ago; we were both 16 at the time. Shes from Sacramento and I’m from LA. When I first started chatting with her, we got along just like that. We made each other laugh and talked about the most random things one could ever think of. We ended up chatting for hours and hours just after meeting each other until night became morning and we were both still in high school so of course we had to sign off and get at least some sleep for school. So we said our good byes and went to bed. Everyday after I first chatted with her online, talking to each other became an essential for the both of us. We would wait for one of us to go online everyday just to talk about almost everything and how each others days were. She didn't have a phone at the time so chatting online was the only way we could talk. Whether it was on Aim, Skype, or Gaia, we still chatted. I thought of her like a best friend at first. But then I realized that I had grown feelings for her. And it wasn't just the feelings of having her as my best friend, but feelings of thinking of her as more than a best friend. So like the shy guy I am, I did not tell her that I liked her like that. At the same time, she had started to like me too but I had no clue about it. I constantly gave hints to like AIM statuses, and blogging but at the time she thought I was talking about another girl and since I didn’t know she liked me at the time and she didn’t know I liked her, she ended up not going online for a few days because she felt hurt thinking that I liked another girl. And what sucked was that the time span she was offline, I would say that I would tell her I liked her when she went online so every day I waited until late at night for her but nothing.
One night I was waiting and I was starting to think she was never going to come online I was going to sign out of my Aim but then I suddenly received an Instant Message from someone. I was already fed up with waiting I didn’t even look at the name and opened it without any knowledge who it was. To my surprise, it was her. I was surprised to see her username in the chatbox. She sent “Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t been on. I have been really busy.” And I was just so happy I replied with “Hey! It’s okay. You have your things to do and I have mine. How have you been?” And we chatted for hours and hours. I still didn’t tell her I liked her though. It didn’t cross my mind when I was talking to her because all I thought about was how much fun I’m having talking to her and getting to know more about her. It was already 5 am and we were both getting tired. We said our good byes and said we will talk to each other after school that day.
At school on that same day, which was a Friday, I couldn’t stop thinking about her even more than usual and all I wanted was for school to finish so I can go online and talk to her. I told my friends all about her and the whole day they were telling me that I’m obsessed. And now that I think about it, I was really sprung over her, like I haven’t actually really liked someone as much before. As soon as I got home I went to my room signed on aim and started watching tv. It was about a few hours into my favorite tv show that my younger sister said I got an instant message. It was her. I was so happy that I didn’t even pay any attention to the television. That Friday night was the night that I was going to tell her how I really felt. It was 8 pm. I spat out a very risky question “So do you like anyone?” She responded to me with a yes and then asked me if I did. I replied saying “yeah but I don’t know if she feels the same way about me. “ And we started asking each other questions about what kind of guy/girl do we look for. And then a while after that, she asked me who I liked. I was too scared to tell her so I said for her to tell me first then I’ll tell her. So we spent a good twenty minutes playfully arguing about who should tell who we liked first. Then finally she gave in and said “Okay okay I’ll tell you! :)” and I waited patiently for her to finish typing and enter her message. The message said “To be honest I like you.” At that moment, I felt my heart jump for joy and smile. I was frozen of happiness for a good few seconds and I replied saying “really?! Because I actually like you too.” And from that day on, I knew I wanted to keep her.
That was the first time we revealed how much we liked each other. After a few months, our feelings for each other grew even more and we entered the stage that people would call “talking”. We called each other babe, and said I love you and I miss you to each other. I just wanted to make her officially mine but she wanted to wait until we actually got to be with each other and hold each others hand and kiss to be official. She ended up getting a cell phone so it would be easier for us to talk and such. The first time I heard her voice, all I could think about was how cute she sounded. And we fell asleep on the phone together and just texted each other 24/7.
So for a whole year we were in the talking stage and as of May 21, 2011, she officially became mine. And this happened toward the end of both our Senior year in High school. On that day I went to San Francisco for the weekend because it was my cousins wedding and so during the reception I left and went to go see her. She drove 2 hours with her brother from Sacramento to San Francisco to come see me. Even if it was just for a few hours of being with her, we became official when I first held her hand. That was the day I was waiting for since I first told her I loved her. That day I got to hold her, kiss her, and just be with her for the very first time. But sadly she had to leave and I had to go back with my family. So we said our goodbyes and promised to see each other again soon. And right away I texted her how much I loved being with her and how I missed her already. We got closer and closer and our love for each other just grew even more.
So now its May 2012. We're both College Freshmen now. And we are still together but I’m not residing in LA right now. I am right now in Irvine for school at UC Irvine. Being in Irvine makes the distance from her even farther. When I’m back home shes 393 miles away from me but I’m only home for summer, winter break, and some weekends. So a majority of the year I’m in Irvine being 423 miles away from her. I know that it’s not as far as other long distance couples (we’re lucky yeah) but she’s always far from me. No matter if I’m at school or at home. I can’t tell my parents I have a girlfriend far away because they wouldn’t accept it. I have to figure out what kind of excuse I have to use just cover up from them knowing that I’m going visit her in Sacramento. I go to San Francisco to visit my family up there alot but not all the time do I get to see her while I'm there. But we always try to.
My girlfriend and I are waiting. We know that we love each other to the point where we don’t want to let each other go. We’re still young I know but I know what I’m saying when I say that my girlfriend is my true love. I am going through this long distance relationship because I love her. I don’t want to give up so easily. This distance is just temporary. Soon there will be no distance between us and we will always be together. That’s when my life will begin. When it’s with her.
I hope everyone else in a Long Distance Relationship doesn't give up so easily. Especially if you really love your boyfriend/girlfriend, don't give up. It'll get better and brighter. Don't give up. Keep fighting this temporary distance.
deeoneandonly deeoneandonly
18-21, M
May 8, 2012