"The longest period of time is waiting for someone you truly love..."

My boyfriend and I met over a year ago online. I was the type who swore that I would never enter an online relationship. It wasn't because I thought they were invalid, I just didn't think I could handle one. But when I met my boyfriend, everything changed. We couldn't stop talking to each other, and we spent many hours a night staying up and talking. Several months later, I agreed to becoming his girlfriend and since then we've been together for 10 months now. There is over 4000 miles between the two of us, but distance means so little when someone means so much. My boyfriend has become my rock, my best friend, and my first love. He helped me get through the home sickness of going to college and being away from family, and whenever I doubt myself about whether or not I'll do well at school, he always reminds me of how capable I am in succeeding. We have had our fair share of fights but we never hold on to any of it, we always forgive and let go and I believe this makes us so much stronger as a couple. I love him dearly, and he feels the same way. We both wish that there was a way for us to meet sooner, but because of his career and my schooling we are unable to, but I'm planning to see him March 2013 so here's hoping!

Even though we wont be able to live a life together for at least another few years (when I graduate college), we try to stay positive and think about all the time we will have together after we get through this period. We can't imagine life without each other so we try and be strong for one another if one of us starts to feel lonely. Being that it's now Spring/Summer, it is especially hard on me because it seems like I see couples everyday enjoying the nice weather and doing things with their partners I wish I could do with mine. But, I always remember that none of those things mean anything unless they are shared with my boyfriend, so it helps me get through it.

I wanted to share my story with you all in hopes that it might help inspire you the way reading some of the stories on here has inspired me. It's nice to read others' stories and build more hope and feel more secure in the knowledge that my relationship will survive despite it's many challenges (besides distance, there is also an age difference and my family doesn't know because I fear that they'll be judgmental and I don't want my boyfriend to have that disadvantage, but I have told many friends so it's not a complete secret). I hope my story will be encouraging to some of you!
ckam19 ckam19
May 9, 2012