Miscommunication From Afar

Well my bf is in Delaware, he's the smartest scientist and he's working in his lab to invent hydrogen fuel for America. The last time we spoke was a pleasant conversation on Skype before the weekend and we spoke about talking again at the beginning of the week. Before he relocated I had this really bad nightmare that he was going to be in another world doing science related things and I wouldn't be able to penetrate his world from my world. Knowing this was a huge fear of mine and being open and honest to him about my fear he of course reassured me that no matter how far away he was he would never be so far that I couldn't reach him. I believed him so I thought everything would be fine. I had this procedure done at my doctor's office yesterday and I've been in a sort of fragile state of mind. Earlier today he said that we would be able to Skype tonight after he got home from happy hour. I was really looking forward to it and I logged on and left a note that I'd be available but was watching a movie so I wanted him to call me when he was ready. So I waited 2 full hours and he was not online and available and never even answered my message. I started crying thinking he didn't care and who knows what is going on across the distance. Then I got onto my gmail and saw that he was on and wanted an explanation because its not like him to do that. That is when I found out that he was having problems sending messages on Skype and said we could talk Friday because it was about 11pm his time and was ready to go to sleep. I was so glad to hear that he wasn't just shutting me out and I was so relieved that he didn't want me thinking something that was untrue. He wanted to talk with me afterall just technical difficulties. It was awful thinking I almost went to bed thinking he didn't care about me. Now I realize that technology isn't as reliable as we think it is. All is good again! Without words sometimes its even easier to have miscommunications.
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Emotions can really interfere with your logical thought processes can't they? Long Distance Relationships are the hardest when you are emotional vulnerable due to other life stuff. In the clear light of day - of course he wasn't shutting you out - but a the time, your mind plays tricks on you!<br />
I am glad you figured things out :)

Thanks, I have been reading this great book that a friend of mine who's a therapist lent me called Emotional Alchemy. It's really good and talks about how each individual depending on our life experiences has fears and insecurities and it can really magnify our emotions but we can reprogram our behavior as not to be so locked up in our perceivd emotions. It's really good! I highly recommend it to understand our behaviors and what our brains do as far as thinking something that has a tiny basis of existence and we can think things that really aren't there but perceived as being there which can cause pain and isolation.