About My Long Distance Relationship.

I'm in a long distance relationship and it's been going  on for six months now and will he has pulled away from my alot he don't call me as much as he use to we are not as close as we use to we are not as open i find myself getting more mad then happy when i talk to him and that just aint good not at all i still love him but i just don't think i want to fight to keep this going. I've cried so much in the last few months then i have ever i just want to be loved and happy and have what other people have all he dose is judg me and put me down and controls me and i don't like it just cause i don't have thing like he dose dose not give him the right to judg me i don't do that to people so why is it right for him to do it? He is not the same person that i fell in love with i want the old him back he was loving and caring and understanding and he was there when something went wrong or when i was having a bad day i get that there is a big age difference but age don't matter right? Yeah i've done the long distance relationship before and it's never worked out this is the longes long distance relationship i've ever been in and i can't believe we've gone on this long. He says that i'm a lier but i think he is a lier and a cheat me and him have not seen each other in person and i don't think he wants the samethings that i want i think he has given up he has meet two other female sense we have been together and i don't know if he has cheated with them he said he was just talking but i don't know if that's what is was. He picks me apart and dose not like me talking to other men but it's ok for him to talk to other females? Damn i'm so mad i don't think this is what he want's he says it's not going anywere but he is not trying to make it go anywere i think it's the age thing and the distance i don't want to lose him but i think that is what has to happen and i will be the only one who will get hurt this last female he was seeing her but he wanted me at the same time and he was like are you happy for me what kind of **** is that why would i be happy for you being with another *****? If he don't want me for me and love me for me then no one will ever want and love me for me i feel like all men see me as is just a sextoy like i'm just good for sex and nothing else and i think that's what i am to him and i can't deal with that anymore i've had to be like that before and i won't ever do it again it hurt like hell. I wanna be happy again. Will i'm getting tired and it's 1:19am and i'm getting tired and sleepy night all.
mymothersslave13 mymothersslave13
26-30, F
May 11, 2012