3 Years In, Married, Child On The Way.. Only Two More Months.

Me n my husband have been together a Lil over 3 years, I am 5 months pregnant and I can't take this long distance any longer. He will be here in July and I just seen him last month but being pregnant I need to see him more than I am used to. He says I can hold out.. But I am crying every weekend because I just want him to surprise me at the door. I'm actually really upset now cAuse he knows how I feel and still won't make the effort to come. I feel so alone and would just love for his *** to come
Surprise me, even if for a day. Not worry about it just being a weekend or The price of the ticket but come be here for me when I need him most. We don't talk like we used to. Ever since I've been pregnant it's hard to talk or see him without getting upset that he isn't next to me. I just wanted to vent n this site looked perfect. Thnx for Reading. :(
Carm3l Carm3l
May 11, 2012