Just watched "Going The Distance"

Omg wasn't sure if I wanted to watch it at first but I couldn't change the channel and I cried through out the whole movie I couldnt stop its now so my new favorite movie lol im gonna have to buy it now, I now have renewed faith that me and my bf can make our relationship work if we really want it to it can,no matter what. Distance,time military,he will work with me to make it work if he really wants too and I realized something else too b/c my boyfriend is in the military I doubt his commitment alot not because I believe he will cheat on me but b/c I guess I dont think a guy would miss me alot or think about me or wish they could be with me as much as I wanna be with him,so I guess I never thought about him thinking those things b/c he doesnt tell me but I bet he probably does now =) Love love that movie if anyone in this group hasnt seen it you really should! It opened my eyes back up,reminded me to think about our relationship from his point of view,and to remember that he does have feelings for me too or he wouldnt of wanted to be with me long distance.
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May 15, 2012