.....i Think.... :(

He's seven years older than me, a poet, a million miles away from me and the owner of my heart. He's from Richmond VA in the states and works at Hardee's from Thursday-Saturday (10:00am-3:00pm USA time.) He supports Chris Brown like me and looks a great deal like Big Sean. I'm in love with his personality, his talent, the love he shows me everyday and how he can figure out how I'm feeling just by one tweet. I've known him for three years almost and only recently I nearly 'lost' him to a twenty two year old drama queen called CiCi. His name's Ahmad, he's Christian and just last year his elder sister nearly lost her life after her then husband shot her in the head in front of their three daughters. Thing is, despite all the love and affection he shows me, despite the countless times he's struggled to help me break free of anorexia, despite the countless hugs he gives me....despite the fact that I confessed that I had feelings for him too great for me to express....if remains a mystery to me what that special, twenty four year old Angelic blessing feels about me. My friends say its love but despite asking him I can't tell if he feels the same way. Sometimes when I feel too weak to continue, when the feeling of coldness gets too much I DM him and tell him. "I'm here for you baby girl" he replies "what can I do to make you warm? What can I do to take away your pain?" and it hurts because he's so far away...... 
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18-21, F
May 16, 2012