Someone Special

I have a girl that is very special to me, I've known her for a year now and I feel as if she is my everything. There is a downfall to finding this one that I care so much for, she lives around 1500 miles from me. She lives in Chicago and I live in North Dakota, I talk to her all the time and I cannot wait to go to Chicago this summer and spend as much time as possible with her. The thing that worries me is this next school year before I finally make the permanent move to Chicago, I'm not sure if I can handle going from being with her all the time to not seeing her in person at all for a whole school year. I worry that something bad might happen and that she'll find someone else because I'm not going to be there for her, she tells me that it won't happen but I cant help myself from worrying.
DayyDreamerr DayyDreamerr
18-21, M
May 16, 2012