I Love You....

I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world. He is smart, witty, handsome, honest, muscular, sensitive, and sweet yet strong. I love him with all my heart and I know he loves me with all his heart. There is one problem with this relationship: I live in Canada and h lives in australia. People make fun of me sometimes because a relationship like that is next to impossible to have. I go on web cam with him every night from 10:00pm my time (3:00pn his) to 5:00am my time sometimes. We talk every night and it kills me that I can't be there for him when he's in pain, or that during a dance, singing or acting in any of shows I'm in, he will never be in the audience smiling up at me, he will never be the one person clapping the loudest after my performance, and he will never be able to be one of the boyfriends that greets their girlfriend backstage after the show.
He's busting his a** trying to get here and I am so greatful for that. I love you James, and I will wait as long as it takes to be in your arms <3
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I love you Caitlin :) <3, i love you so much baby, your my world, my everything :)

I love you too James &lt;3