I Miss You Already..

I don't really know if others would class this as a long distance relationship yet, but I would because I'm going through it, like many others. Today, my boyfriend of 2 years moved to Spain from Scotland (where we both stay), only for 6 months for work but I already feel torn, lost & alone. We haven't slept apart in such a long time, I'm actually afraid to sleep & as silly as it is, I'm annoyed with him - I'm annoyed at him for going when I asked him to stay (I do understand that this was best for his career) though but he hasn't even contacted me yet. His mum text me to say that he had arrived safely, I didn't think that I was asking a lot when I asked him to inform me, but I already feel like I'm crumbling. He doesn't get on with his parents so why not let me know and I could tell them. I know I'm probably being silly but I miss him already. I do imagine it'll get easier, but I love him.
afultsx afultsx
18-21, F
May 19, 2012