Waking up without them by your side is the hardest thing to get over everyday. You still have to get out of bed, and go throughout your day. I've been dating the same guy for a year and a half. At first, we saw each other everyday. Now I'm lucky to see him once every other week. I'm greatful for getting to see him a lot more at the begining, but it makes it hurt so much more now. I wish I didn't get used to seeing him everyday, like "you cant miss what you never knew". The worst part is saying goodbye whenever I do see him.
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I have to agree, you are truly lucky to see him on a regular basis. With me my boyfriend is in the army and right now it will be six months before he comes back. It will be more if I can't go to the airport to see him. It might be christmas before i see him. I'm going back to college at least hopefully will. And he is going to college in the spring semester then we will only be an hour apart. Then still won't see eachother as often as we'd like to. But It's tough but we make it through. Because love has no boundaries

May i just comment, that you are very lucky you get to see your partner on a regular basis.<br />
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My relationship had 5000 miles between us. Like you we were together everyday for 2 years. we got engaged the first year after she left. The 2nd year after that , we broke up.<br />
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It ws purely the fact that we were seeing each other every 6 months. <br />
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Am not trying to put you down. Just offer a different perspective which shows your situation is ok.<br />
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Wish you luck.