A Tale Of Love And Perseverance

I will be the first person to admit that I am a classic nerd. From the time I was twelve to even now at my eighteenth year, I have been almost in an obsession with online text-based role-playing games. This is because I enjoy putting up a character, creating one in my head, and then having them interact with others much like a novel. I really, in all honesty, have never had much of a life nor have I sought one out.

Two years ago playing on one of those sites, I met an interesting, amusing, witty character. Now I'm a decent enough writer so my role-plays were always kept interesting, amusing, and this guy I happened to meet by chance. I was just out of another relationship, another long-distance one. I'll tell you, in all honesty, that I had never before connected with another person in real time, face-to-face. There was no one my age that I was ever interested in simply because of immaturity levels, that and I was deemed as an unattractive face. In fact, I almost helped with that. To be left alone I made myself appear as unattractive. I wore my hair up, wore baggy clothes. All of that.

Now... Back to the story. What's funny is that our meeting was pure chance, pure accident. I was looking for someone to role-play with out of boredom, and then I started talking to him almost daily. On these sites marriage is possible so a few days later, perhaps less than a week, my character asked his to marry me. He agreed, and so I then pursued a romantic relationship with him. It flourished. We began on Yahoo messenger, but less than half a year later we moved to Skype.

For over a year, our relationship was strictly online but I enjoyed every minute of it. There was a sort of mix-up, I suppose. I was under the impression that he did not have access to a phone. Well, one day words were traded and so me and a close friend of mine (my ex) got his phone number. We called and held our breath as we'd been attempting to get him on the phone for ages now. He had me at first chuckle, but I'd already fallen so heavily for him that it didn't matter. Still after more than a year later I had no idea what he looked like. Only vague descriptions of eye and hair color, and it was then I decided.. that I couldn't care less what he looked like.

I was firmly hooked and, well, I'm no beauty queen myself so it isn't as if I expected perfection. Eye color has always been a draw for me. I enjoy the shapes that can be found in an iris, the beauty, the different colors. My own eyes are brown with a golden-orange hue if the sun hits it just right. Inside of both irises, flecks of black, brown, orange, and an odd golden color mix together. Still, by my own standards, my eyes were not the prettiest. Blue eyes. I was in love with blue eyes and, as luck might have it, blue eyes were what he had.

I finally saw him one night, on webcam. He was... perfect to me, for me. I loved every second of it, of talking to him, of watching the way his body moved, and especially of gazing at the freckles placed strategically over his form. There are three I particularly love on his chest. They make a sort of tic-tac-toe, as they are in a diagonal row. His hair was long, thin, straight, and dirty-blonde. Everything about him was contrasted me. His eyes were blue, my were brown. My hair was dark, his light. I was tanned, Hispanic, and he.. He was fair, almost ghostly. I fell in love with the grey-blue pallor of each iris, mesmerized by them. It was like falling in love with him all over again. How I adored him. His appraisal of me seemed about the same, and some comments made caused my cheeks to flame. It was an experience I'd never had before.

We went on like this, camming on Skype as often as possible until this April. On April 4th, 2012 we finally made two years of being together. Two long years that felt like a life time. On April 6th of that same year, at almost one in the morning, that boy I'd fallen in love with was standing in my living room with his arms around me and I him. It was like a sweet reunion, like a homecoming, as I leaned in for our first kiss. I teased him, prodded him in the stomach, and the moon shone down on us as we walked down my street. He'd come with his family: mother and father.

They greeted me with open arms. That night, that first night, he stayed over at my house while his parents went to the hotel they'd be staying at and I with them. The night was magical and long and it was the first night I'd ever been able to touch him. Now it almost feels like a dream. He stayed for ten glorious days. The ten most amazing days of my life. Sleeping next to another person, having their warmth, was one of the best experiences. And waking up to find him in my bed was ever better. We attended my senior prom the week and a half he stayed here and on the very last day, I held his hand and cried. He took a plane back to Oregon that day.

I've graduated high school now and it is over a month later. Come June I will move to Oregon and be re-united again with my beloved. I suppose that this story, this tale, is to remind those people who don't believe they'll make it - those people who have trying times and those who feel like it may never work out - if perseverance and love and patience have anything to do with it... The one you love will be within arm's reach very, very soon. <3
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did his parents take him just to visit you? im probably gonna be in a long distance relationship soon and i really like this guy but i dont have too much hope :/

Great story happy ending do come true . Good luck to you both

Thank you very much.