Malibu Sally Part 1

In August of 1977 I was driving home after college graduation, in my red 72 VW. Somewhere north of Knoxville on I-75 heading toward Lexington and my parents home, I picked up two kids hitch-hiking. Sally and her bf. They lived in Malibu and as it turned out, my best friend and I had a post graduate road trip planned, and Southern CA was on our itinerary. Sally, her bf and I exchanged addresses and phone #'s and they invited us to stop in when we got out there. Our road trip started in Richmond VA the first of October of 77. A few days after Thanksgiving we arrived in Malibu and Sally's bf was gone. The next 2 weeks were spent with Sally in a whirlwind of Malibu and beaches and innocent young love. However there was my college sweetheart back home and regretfully I left Sally and headed back east. Sally and I wrote furiously back and forth, howver I ended up becoming engaged and married in the fall of 1978. That ended all commiunications with Sally.
Until 2012 and the miracle of FACEBOOK!!

I have been divorced 5 years and not in any serious relationship. I had tried to find Sally a couple of times on Facebook, with no success. Long story short, she had been trying to find me as well, and finally did. But here's the odd thing..... I am not a regular user of Facebook, but on March 17th of this year I ran across a FB message from Sally. 'Hi It's Sally from Malibu, remember me?"
richie55 richie55
May 22, 2012