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Ive been with my hunny for a year and a half and its been tough. He travels months at a time for his job. The first year it wasnt so bad, he was in north dakota for about 3 months & south dakota for 1 month. His recent one is indiana, hes been there for 6 months now. Its hard because we cant skype since the internet is slow over there, he's 3 hours ahead and he works ridiculous hours. From 7 am to 8or 9pm. Hes amazing tho & tries to make up for it. He sends me flowers, jewelry & surprised me by coming on valentines day. he makes it all worth it when hes home. <3
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I was in one with my ex.We broke up as adults and without rancor but nothing to do with distance.She was WONDERFUL and I wish her all the best.I'm looking for a sweet,smart,chubby or more than chubby girl(NO upper limit ever)Thanks for reading.!<br />