From This Corner Of The World To Yours.

For some time now I've been dating this girl from Japan. She lives thousands of miles away but the distance isn't a problem at all for us. We are both making it through this greatly. We met on Xbox Live, and have been spending our time together on Skype, Xbox Live, and Facebook. Also email, texts, and phone calls. This spring break back in the end of March I went over to Japan and spent eight days over there with her. It was the best time of my life. This summer is also going to be great because she is coming over here for two weeks and then in September when I'm done with Summer Quarter I'm going back over to Japan for two weeks to enjoy my summer break with her. She is four years older than me, but age doesn't matter to the both of us. Next year when she is finished with school and has her degree she will be moving over here to the States to live with me. I might just be saying this because I'm lost in love but I think she is the one. Only time will tell. :)
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Its a great feeling, isnt it? looks like a fairy tale when u meet somebody so far and yet things seem just as they were destined to happen...God bless you both :) Stay Together and Stay happy forever.