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Being a teenager in a world where teenagers are considered to barely think for themselves makes trying to make adult decisions difficult. That wouldnt necessarily mean that the decision I am making now is an adult one but the everlasting belief of everyone is that I am still a child. I can hardly blame most. The choice I have made now goes against my better judgement and logic.

I met someone while on exchange and I swear I have fallen in love with him. The thing with this love is that no one believes it because we are young. Everyone keeps saying give it a few months and they will stop their daydreaming. But what if this isnt a daydream? What if this is real? What if we truly can make this work? I still am fighting with my logic because everything in my body says he will not wait because in my experience guys dont usually wait.

But that hast been the case with us. During my exchange because the program didnt want me to be in a relationship they moved me to another city. I have stayed here for a little over two months and in that time I have seen him twice. I cry more than not and almost never want to get out of bed because I dream of him. None of this is logical. Could this really just be teen love? Will it go away when I go home? Everyone says long distance relationships never work. But I hear of people managing to make it work.

11741 KM or 7296 Miles whichever you prefer.... Two continents..... All anyone sees with me is a teenager. That is because this is not logical. Does anyone here believe that love is logical?
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Hey.. I'm in the same boat as you. I met a guy on exchange while he came to my University to study. He lives in the furthest corner of Europe, and I, in Asia. We have been together for about 7 months now.. and the situation is painfully heartbreaking because we're really in love but being together physically is a problem. I'm working and he's still studying, so I have made the trips to visit him in Europe, about three times this year so far. The problem is that for the next six months or so, we might not be able to meet. He is fearful at not being able to see me, and fearful of the unknown. He doesn't know if it will work- not because he doubts his love, but because he doubts the distance factor. I, on the other hand, am like you. Optimistic, hopeful, wanting to believe that a fairy tale is possible. And the only question on my mind is, why can't it work? Call it foolish, but logically speaking, a good relationship only takes two people who're in love, who are committed to making it work. It doesn't require physical proximity or anything like that. So let's see..<br />
Good luck with yours, would love to hear back from you.

Thank you for your confidence. But I believe I would be more like your boyfriend. Fearful and my boyfriend is the one believing in us. I fear the same things but I pray for the miracle of a fairytale. I can honestly say I worry and have told him so, but he believes in miracles and that God has a plan always. I would like to again say thank you for your support and I hope for yours.