i am in a long distance relationship, my parents know about him but dont know where he lives.. how do i tell them this? also he's recently started spending loads of time with this girl who he used to like, im worried that he might be cheating on me with her, i've spoke to his mate and he said that he wouldnt cheat on me, but he spent the whole day with her yesterday:/ how do i know if i can trust him not to cheat on me?
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thank you for your help:') but wont he be getting annoyed with me asking where he's going all the time?

i knew my bf 2 years ago online...and at the first year was the worse because she was with a girl who had been his girlfriend before...and he spent alot of time with her.. i dont want you to dissapoint you...but your boyfriend might be cheating on you... my bf told me that he had been sexual relationships with her and i didnt care it bcuz i didnt love him at first but i didnt want to lose him i forgave him bcuz i just wanted to keep him i felt something about him but wasnt so powerful...and after one year...he realized that girl was playing with him and she was a ***** and she was a maker trouble between us too as well...soooo we are finally together...i love him to death now and now we have alot of trust butttt you need toooo keep communication with ur bf sweetie if you dont know where is he or he doesnt want tell you the truth.. he dont loves u then :/