Young Love

I know people will look down on this story, and think we are too young but if it were you in my shoes you wouldnt think so.
Basically i go to an International School in China where i met an Amazing guy, ( u gotta realise im in high school) and he and i fell really deeply in live after a while, and suddenly his family has to move, it makes me soo sad, and right now im not sure what to do anymore. Hes moving back to America and im from America too, but like from a different part so its really far, My parents dont know about us either, and if they did i would be dead since the dont approve of dating in high school, He says hell visit me and gave me an engraved necklace and seems serious and everything. I can imagine myself with him for a long time, and we only fight bout small things that arent serious. I wonder if hes the one. Im not sure tho....
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For me its not about age its the maturity of the two people involved in the relationship. My husband and I were 16 when we met, did long distance for 7 years and have now lived together for 2 . :) <br />
Oh and its okay to fight, it happens. As long as both people can stop and listen to one another and compromise when needed. Arguments will happen. It's not the end of the world.

We only fight about who pays for lunch and who pays for the dance tickets and things like that, nothing serious.

i dont think this is silly or anything its really sweet and i can relate to how you feel

U fight ?<br />
I never had a disagreement with my wife for the 1st 10 years we were together. Then our 2nd was about 5 years later.