Hello Everyone I Just Start A Long Distance Relationship

hello everyone you can all call me Lyn. i just started a long distance relationship however, it wasn't that way at fist. my bf and i started dating on may 12. 2012. my bf and i met in Boston and when we met it was a instant connection we got along great and we both knew it would go far between the both of us. however, he is a intentional student. so he was living here on a student visa, i wasn't't informed of this until two weeks into the relationship however, he informed me that everything is OK and he will be done on December and he will be able to stay with finding a job etc. however, two weeks ago he went to Italy and he was informed that his funds of coming back to the US is no longer being given. the only way he could have came back to the US was by paying back 40,000 dollars. him and i still had hope his mother asked around coming to find other he had no way of coming up with that amount of money. so him and i discussed this issue fighting over it breaking over it then we both realized we can not let go of one another so yesterday he asked me to wait for him for eight months till he comes back to the US and that he can promise me that he will be back and that he wont do anything while he's in Italy to hurt me. so with doubts and concerns we were managed to discuss my fears because i have gone hurt by what happened to him as it is and i just don't want to get hurt again. so I'm and i as of right now are keeping good communication talking on skype and i will be sending him so of are pics 'we have taken taken with each other while he was here and sending him a bracelet i got for him before i thought he was coming back to the US and he'll send me something back in return.

im new to all of this so im glade i have found this site its a way of venting as well as reading other related stories. 
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Jul 8, 2012