He's Coming To See Me

He lives all away in Florida, and I live in Oregon.

He's coming to visit me in September, and I'm ecstatic.

We've been talking for more than a couple months now, he's 23 and I'm 24.

The relationship is still young, so there are plenty of more days to come.

We talk on the phone and skype a lot. Every single day.

I know some people would say it's not going to work out, or you still haven't met him in person yet, etc. etc. But I will be in September so yeah.

My sister has agreed to come with me to the airport to pick him up when he comes over by plane.

I just hope for the best, and that there are plenty of good days to come.
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3 Responses Jul 8, 2012

Great u got the house!<br />
<br />
Really trust all goes well for you and he is everything he says he is and especially that he is the age he is suppose to be and more importantly he looks like his pic. Hope this doesn't sound too negative as it's not meant to be, just want u to be happy if anything comes up that your sister can't go with you take somebody else. Sorry u will see by my age 56 I have a Mothers heart, safety first. Have a happy day.

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Congratulations i hope everything goes as you've dreamed of :)

Thanks so much, I hope so too!