My Long Distance Love

I found a true loving relationship far from me...sometimes it seems fate is just not fair. He and I have been in a relationship for almost five yrs now. I am so blessed and happy that I met him, because he truly completes me and understands. I am free to be myself around him, and my passions are uninhibited.
The most difficult thing is that most of our interactions are over the phone, or online. That makes the stolen time together all the more precious however. It takes almost six hours to get to him by car. I long to move closer, so that we might spend more time together.
It truly amazes me that I even fell in love with him, as he is quite a bit older than myself. I do believe wholeheartedly that age is but a number, it is just that I never imagined myself falling for someone older than myself. I think it mainly comes from the work I used to do. 
I wouldn't take anything for him, though. He to was shocked that he fell for me, because it is not in his nature to love so easily or freely. I feel very treasured by him and he puts me on a pedestal that I don't deserve to be on. Life is full of surprises, and I wouldn't change that part of my life for anything. 
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36-40, F
Aug 22, 2012