Im gonna ruin this for myself if I dont stop. Im scared of this distance now like really scared 3 yrs is a long time and I should feel reassured because he wants to stick by me that whole time and be with me try to make it work believes it can work. Instead im babbling like a crazy person about how Im scared of the distance and I need reassurance sometimes about what he thinks of me. But yet he doesnt think im crazy....how. I know I should feel good about the fact that he's still around. I just dont know why. Most guys dont stay with me. I never had a good real relationship before. Everything was fine now i got all these doubts again in my head and what ifs. yay my anxiety has kicked in.

instead of worrying about the future I should be focusing on one day at a time and just be happy to talk to him when I can. Gosh I cant wait for skype.
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Sep 5, 2012