That Special Somebody In My Life

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You know your story is not so different from any of us!! In fact I don't know what to tell you in your case either that can really help you!
I am a woman and a wife too!!! And family is so important I know! That’s why I know I have to sacrifice my life for them.
In marriage one must hear both sides of the story, at least that's what they say! But I don't care! coz in my case my hubby will lie his way out just to save himself and this will drive me crazy as well as break my heart!
Let me give you a glimpse of my life, where you may have an idea!
Yeah, love fades! This is the convincing words of my hubby to me!! But can I ask him to hold me romanticaly???NO!!He doesn't like and if he does, he doesn't sweep me off my feet!!
You may say that he's bored! I wish I can say I bore him with my ways, which for the record with him I win!!! But with me does he win!!!!No he doesn't.
Financially, he provides for us and I provide too. We both agree on this! I do my part but find it so hard to get the attention I’m seeking from him as I really want it. I do explain but he tends change subject or just ignore as if taking the easy way-out.
I put up with everything he asks and willingly please him in all matters. But when I seem to be tired or over booked at work he seems not contented! He may not say anything at the moment but wouldn't lose a chance to remind me occasionally of the dissatisfaction I may have caused him. Sometimes he says it in a way that turns me off!!! Of course, I will rest my case now and leave a margin here coz it’s only my side of the story!
I used to think that it’s a “man” issue. They don’t like romance; they don’t understand emotions and all the rest that comes with it. But now I know different!
These kisses that we see in the movies that could just wire you up forever, I believed that they don’t exist and you cannot find anyone who can give it to you no matter how hard they tried.
Until, I found that somebody who did! Who swept me off my feet!! Yes, he came so late!!!
Of course, I can’t win with him because he’s so romantic and is good at this stuff. We were in contact at first for a while and then separated for two years from life circumstances and I couldn’t forget him one day!
Recently, we regained contact where we started texting again and haven’t stopped for a day. We just can’t seem to get enough from each other.
Please understand that I used to meet him formally in various occasions within the 2years but didn’t have any contact with him.
Don’t think I’m easy on him, in fact I’m really giving him hard time cause of the hurt I have inside me, yet I know it’s not his fault.
He has trouble at work now and seems withdrawn back maybe cause of what I kind of put him in! I don’t know what’s gona happen next!!!!
We both know we have no future together and I wouldn’t sacrifice my family for any reason because of my son (6yrs old) who just has nothing to do with it to pay the price!
But this I’m sure of, that he will remain in my heart and in my life even if I’m not in his!
My son is my treasure and I will cherish this forever.
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Sep 10, 2012