Mixed Messages

I went out with this guy a couple of times a few months ago i ended it because he wanted a friends with benefits relationship and I didnt. I decided to contact him yesturday and told him hey its me( my name) he was like Im sorry i dont know you. My phone got lost, do we know each other o felt rejected. I told him that we use to, he asked what i was texring him for I said that I wanted to see how was. He was is that all? I was stupid me i wanted to applogize for senig mix messeges last time, at this point he said he was cknfused that of I wanted something more, I said i wanted to know him better he said he was seeing someone else. I reacted naking hin fill guilty, he was like i dont know who you are how can i make you feel rejected. I was wtf? Ask. He was does it matter. Then he said that i ahould delete him while he kept taking to him i was like im not intrested not if he woth aomwone. He reacted and said good i dont want anything with anyone else. And you failied in your attempted in being a nicer person. Eraae me number.

I know i
Acted wrong and probably deserve part of the rejection but WTF he was not like this before
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sounds like a jackass

Do your best to look past this user/pla<x>yer. Then you will have the opportunity to heal if you need to.