Long Distance Relationship

My boyfriend and I meet through the internet and started a relationship 5 months ago. We knew what we were getting ourselves into.We have so much in commen and he is such a sweet guy and we keep in touch through texting and calling at least every day or every other day.We are in a interracial relationship and we fell in love with each other.We have jump through alot of hurdles and it seems those hurdles has made our relationship stronger.My family and friends are against me dating this wonderful guy.My family is against him because he is a musician.Musicians have a bad reputation of always having different women but, i always defend my boyfriend by saying every person is an individual.This guy is so amazing he texts me before he goes on stage and says he loves me.We have decided to take our relationship a step further.I live in the south and he lives in the east coast. I decided to move to the east coast and live together and I have transferred from my job but, my family and friends don't know. I will be moving by the summer.This is my first long distance relationship and i really love this guy but, sometimes i feel like throwing in the towel and just letting this terrific guy go but, i feel if i do i will regret it and i will be miserable.What should I do? I am getting ready to go on a business trip and if i am going to break it off i would like to do it before i leave.The only thing that is keep me from doing it too is he is out of town with his family on vacation and i don't want to ruin his trip.Please i need help....
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

it sounds as if you made up ure mind and just don't want to ruin his trip. so just after his vacation tell him that u can't be with him anymore. but i don't think u should wait that long i think no matter what or when u tell him its always going to hurt so their is no good time. just go for it.