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Distant Relationship

Everyday I wait by the phone. Hours are longer and it feels like time is endless. It feels like I have so much time when I have very little. I wait for him day by day counting down until I get to see him again. In his arms I feel safe and secure. Away from him I feel like nothing. I am stressed and sick of time. At night I lay in bed tossing and turning thinking about him constantly. I miss him terribly and at school it's hard to concentrate. My world looks black and white and people around me are smiling and laughing and getting everything they want. They don't know how lucky they are and yet they take everything for granted. I would do anything just to see his smile. I miss the little things he use to do and say when I was with him. People tell me I should brake up with him and find someone new but I could never do that because without him I wouldn't be myself. I would be lost in endless darkness.
CannibalGhost CannibalGhost 16-17, F 1 Response Sep 20, 2012

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No, no, no... you have *ONE* life, don't waste it sitting by a phone.

Go, life life, learn, play, enjoy. If you are with a good man, he'll want you to life life and grow. Every time you talk to him, have a new story, a new adventure, a new skill, a new talent. Go discover yourself!

I love your comment but the thing is my life is dull and boring I do the same things everyday because I live out in the country and there is not much here to explore. All I can really do is sit and wait because he is the one that brings color and excitement into my life.

You can not rely on some else to color your world. Because then the world is only painted in *their* colors. We all have something special to offer the world. You have your own unique pallet to offer the world. Find out what your 'something' special is.

There is a saying, "Boring is a state of mind." Living in the country has nothing to do with quality of life. You are responsible for giving yourself a good life experience. Do your best!

You are really inspiring. I will try. I Must tell you though I am a very negative person. How can I get out of negativity?

Honestly, I am quite pragmatic as well. That's ok though. Being happy or fulfilled doesn't mean you have to go prancing around like a grinning idiot. lol

Being positive or negative is a choice. You simply decide to see both sides and give the positive side of things the benefit of the doubt more often then not. It doesn't mean you ignore the negative side.

Just start with little things. Be engaged with life. Make an effort to connect. Look around and SEE things. It is really that simple. So. It's a boring day, raining and you are stuck in a classroom. Instead of staring at your pant leg and fantasizing about your far-away guy, look around. Notice that a classmate changed her hair, and comment. See that the rain dances down the window and draw a sketch of it. Notice the temperature and write a journal entry about cold weather. See that your teacher threw wet books on her desk, offer to give her a tissue. Simple, small things. Then at the end of EVERY day, look back at your day and remember 10 things that made you happy that day. It's amazing how much you can find if you look. :)

Thank you for the help!

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