Love,one Of A Kind!

We met 11months ago. This will either be the love of my life,or just the most memorable relationship in my life. Our's gentle,passionate,caring,so much fun as well...we talk about everything. Both of us are not the most attention grabbing people when in crowds and we don't have a lot of friends. But we have each other.Even when we fight and we don't want to talk to each other for a few hours,we never speak bad for the other one,and we can't sleep alright until we talk it through. 2weeks left till we reach our 1year milestone and 90% of the time i spent with her. It was the best year in my life. However I got accepted to study in another country. 2hours away with plane. We have been apart for 2 weeks and it's killing us. We speak on skype....but it's so no the same. I hope we get through this because I think we have a great future together.
What do you guys do when in a serious,long-distance relationship?
What does it take for such a relationship to survive? Thank you for your opinions and encouragements,hopefully!

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