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I just recently Graduated high school and left for college. My boyfriend is back home and I love him so much! Since I've been gone our relationship has really been struggling. Every week there is ALWAYS a new problem. I hate arguing with him and it seems like he never has time for me anymore. We use to spend every waking moment of the day together but now he all of a sudden dosent even have time for me. He'll tell me that he'll call, but leaves me waiting up until 2 and 3, sometimes even 4, for him to make a call. I'm so emotional about it because we usually go to sleep on the phone together and I really don't know how to function without talking to him. I don't know how to make such a sudden transition from being as fight as glue to hardly even speaking. It's painful because I feel like he isn't even affected and sometimes just does not care. He acts like I'm wrong for caring about how he's doing and showing my concerns for the jeopardy of our relationship. Tonight is one of those nights when he abandoned me again and i just can't get myself to stop crying over him. He means so much to me and I feel like I'm losing him.
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1 Response Sep 25, 2012

sweetheart this is your chance to find yourself. you are too dependent on talking to him i say this from experience im in the same boat. only difference is im allowing myself to enjoy the college life. i occasionally do things i enjoy teaching myself i dont need him to make me happy. i forced myself to detach from him that way if something was to happen ill still be sane and wont be a crying depressed mess. i use my time wisely hun you should too. do you have friends if so go out with them or alone. maybe if you pull away(if he actually cares or pay attention) he will notice it. just enjoy college while you can and have fun if it doesn't work with him some man who would love to talk to you everyday will eventually come around