Very Difficult/depressing Situation In Ldr

So, I've been with this great girl for the last year and a half. Both of us are in our 2nd year of law school and we go to school in different states. Last year when it came time to find summer employment, there was a possibility that I would stay in my home state for the entire summer for a job. She got really upset at this because she wanted us to have the chance to spend our summers in the same city (which meant that I would have to find a job near her because she goes to a lesser ranked school and doesn't want to live where I go to school). So I took a job for half the summer in my city and then worked for the other half of the summer near her at a place where I worked before law school.

Throughout this last semester, she has been pounding hard at the idea of us being together in the same place near her again, and I was okay with that. So I've been spent the entire semester looking at health law jobs (because that's the field I want) near her. Then about a month ago we went to visit her sister in Madison, Wisconsin and right after the trip she decided that she wanted to be in that city and close to her sister. So she applied to a few places and got a health law job offer (of course it had to be in the law field I want) in Madison, Wisconsin. Now I'm left with no job, still looking for a place in her state where she will no longer be, and just scrambling for something that I want but now doesn't seem like I will get. And I'm not going to Madison, Wisconsin.

This girl has typically been really sweet to me, and she feels horrible about this. She really does, which is why I can't bring it up to talk to her about. She says the trip to see her sister made her realize that she would really want to be close to her sister, and I can't blame her for having that feeling. But now I feel like I've been pulled around and played and now I'm left with nothing and it hurts and it is taking away from my focus when finals are less than a week away and I already don't have great grades. I guess I just don't know what to do in this situation and I could use some advice or some help. Just something because I feel pretty crappy and I know she feels really bad.
friday3v friday3v
22-25, M
Nov 27, 2012