So It Started Like This

Boy meets girl. They fall in love its all good. Happy ending right? Except when boy has to spend eight months at a college three hours away. That really doesn't seem far to most of you but I'm a teenage girl with no car. three hours may as well be three days. I do see him once every month or two but that's a long time when I used to see him at least once a week. Add in his class and sleeping scheduals are totally different then mine and there goes our talking time. So for me its pretty tough. especially with some abandonment issues. I have days where I have no clue what to do because I'm depressed and feel completely alone. I honestly just want my baby back.
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I know what you're feeling. My boyfriend lives three hours away and neither of us have a car. We're in college and have been doing the long distance thing for four months. It's even worse because my ex lives in the town that I have moved to. I think about him and it's rough on my mind. Things will get better. Just believe in your relationship.

This is really useful to know how not alone I am I know how rough things can get this has been te hardest few months of my life if you ever need someone to talk to about it I'm here

First, you are never alone. And second, it was be okay! If it's meant to be and your love and his love is strong, time will fly! Just try to be happy and grateful for every time you get to spend with him and stay postive because postive things happen if you are postive. I'm sure he would want you to be happy for him and I'm sure he would want you to be happy in general. So keep a smile on your face and go through your day smiling knowing he'll come back to you.