That Girl<3 Man She Was Beautiful

Right before I met HER, I had just gotten out of a year and a half long relationship. The relationship that had just ended had been falling apart for about 6 months. I had lost too many of my friends with the ending of that relationship. I remember making a profile on a few dating sites and social networking wites to being to build new friendships. My ex had me make a profile on a site called trevorspace, which ironically where I found my love. I remember filing through a few profiles and clicked on Briana's page. Briana, such a pretty name, to go withs suck a pretty face. I begamn to read through her information and thought to myself, I could get along with her. Even though she had lived a few states away I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a friend to talk to. I messaged her not even knowing if she would reply or not. Suprizingly enough she had decided to bless me with a responce. We had talked a little here and there, a little about my recent break up. One day she asked me if I would like to text her, being easier for the both of us, I did. I remember texting her constantly, all day long, from morning to night. Valentines day was approaching and I did not have a valentine, So I asked my new friend If she would be my valentine. She said yes. So I asked her for her address and proceded to send her DeBrands chocolate. Finding out a few days later that she had a new girlfriend I respected that and gave her space. One day we were texting and she was driving somewhere and couldnt text me she asked me to call her. Oh that phone call, I knew then that she was someone special. I began to develop feelings for this girl. She was definatly someone I needed in my life, whether that be as my girlfriend or my friend. As time went on she began to have some problems with her new girlfriend, me secretly being happy for a possible opportunity, but very supportive through the whole thing. I would have never done anything to interrupt the relationship she tried to have. She did eventually end things with that girl. We began talking and I let it be known to her that I would probably never date long distance, I had never dont it before and I was very scared of the idea even. ut as our friendship grew and we got to know each other better, I began to develop stronger feelings for her. I realized that my heart wanted her, whether my head would allow this was a different story. I had planned a trip to Texaz to visit my best friend who had moved away. This trip was a very difficult one for me, my first trip, and I was alone at that. This girl stayed up all night and day to help me venture to Texas. Through driving all night, missing my plane, getting lost in Chicago, and Someone stealing my cell phone, she was there. The second night in Texas, I was texting her on a temporary phone, She told me a secret. An amazing beautiful secret that made my heart jump, she liked me. And man did I like her, I did not hesitate to tell her my feelings back. But at the same time I could not bring my self to tell her that I wanted more than just a friendship with her. I was so scared of what I would go through. And not knowing if I would ever meet her was just about enough to scare me out of a relationship with her. So I returned home a week or so later and went on with my regular life. I told a select few people about this wonderfully amazing girl that had entered my life. I remember one day telling my friend Andrea about this girl and that same day Briana telling me that one of her ex's had feelings for her. That about killed me with jealousy, but I knew it was not fair for me to say anything because of the small fear inside of me. So a few more weeks started to pass, still enjoying constant texting a phone calls to her. One night, Briana began to tell me some stories, hypothetical stories, and asking hypothetical questions. It was so cute, she was asking me what I would do or say if someone who lived so far away aske me to her theirs. By this time I wanted to be her girlfriend so bad it wasnt even funny. I was no longer scared of the wait or the chance of never seeing her. If she made me her girl, I was going to be hers, I was going to go see her no matter what I had to do to get the money. She asked me to be her girlfriend that night. I was in the clouds, I was the happiest girl alive. But I told her That I would not date her if I had no plans to see her. So I started to save my change, I save all I could to go see her. That day came where I had enough money to buy a train ticket to see her. Time had passed a little more and our relationship had reached 3 months when I gont onto that train to go see her. That train took me 21 hours, Anxious, nervousness, excitment filled hours. But the second I got to see her, Hug her, and get into her car to go back to her house with her. I will remember those first moment for the rest of my life. That night after I first met her, We went to dinner, and after dinner we went to the car and she opened my car door for me, we looked at the stars for a little while. Messing with each other for a while, we shared our first kiss, as her personality permitted she couldnt help herself but to mess with me about it.. And I will never let her live it down. But the next two weeks of my life had been perfectly amazing. Leaving her was extremely hard, but I had just met the girl I would spend forever with and I was happy about that. After I got home things were great, I missed her yes but I always had her around, texting and calling and skyping. About a month had passed and I had just sold my truck, and had a few hundred dollars that didnt go to bills. I talked to my mom and Briana and I was off again, but this time, I would spend a whole month and a half with her. Getting to know her and her family on a whole different level. Spending amazing time with her, and her friends, getting to a different part into our relationship, this was beyond amazing to me. I am now home in Indiana and I have been away from her for a few weeks now. These past few weeks have been extremely difficult for me. Leaving her this last time was way different than the first time, I had gotten so close to her, and know her so differently. I am trying to learn how to deal with this, and it is not easy. In a weird way I feel like I got to finally have my relationship and it had ended when I left. But I have to stay positive and realize that it is not ending but just beginning. That I have so many more years to spend with her. We plan for Briana to come here to my state and meet all of my friends and family here in January. I can not wait to see my babygirl again! I can not wait to hold her and hug here again! I will never take any second I have with her for granite. EVER. Bu tI definatly plan on moving to Virginia in about 6 months or so. I thank God for blessing me with her in my life. These pase 8 months have been amazing with her, and I can not wait to see where we both go in our lives. Thing will be amazing as long as she is by my side, whether it be physically or verbally.
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This is adorable ♥ Best of luck you two :)

Thank you.