Phone Sex..?

My long distance relationship was the best relationship I have been in so far, I don't think that sounds good though. Haha makes me sound like I'm not committed or something.. Anyway. What kept our relationship so alive and close, even though he was across the country was talking, of course. Throughout the course of the day we would text, Kik, IM, etc. We would send each other pictures, and basically communicate like anyother couple would.
When night time came (or whenever we were in the "mood") we would call each other up over the phone or skype ;) Sure, we would talk normally for the first couple of minutes, exchange greetings.. How was your day? etc. Soon, either one of us would settle in the idea of phone sex. Meaning we touched ourselves while on the phone together.
I was startled when I found out that it's actually common. I was also relieved to find out I wasn't strange or something of the like.. haha.
I enjoyed phone sex with my boyfriend.. it really kept us satisfied to a level, and joined us in a special way, that texting and regular phone calls can't. Not even "I love yous" compare.. Well at least for me.
So... what do you think about phone sex? In long distance relationships? In any relationship? With strangers? Hotlines? Let me know ;)

wo ai ni ♥ --S.Chin
Chinnian Chinnian
18-21, F
Nov 30, 2012